Professor Clara Worthington - Anna Weisend

  • Anna Weisend

Character Biography

Clara Worthington is a professor of Winter Solstice Spells. When she is not teaching young wizards the fine points of manipulating frost and ice she passes in the muggle world as Anna Weisend, pastry chef and sugar artist. Anna Weisend got started when she started making cakes for her children and the neighbors started buying them. She took this as a sign and opened her own business, The Grand Finale, in 2000. The Grand Finale specializes in custom made wedding cakes and is known for its gum paste and detail work. She has won many awards and her work has been featured in magazines in the U.S.A., the United Kingdom, and Russia. Anna takes her passion for all things baking and sugar and shares it by teaching professional pastry and sugar art classes locally and nationally. She also teaches children’s culinary classes.