Brealope Foggyfoot - Breanna Kealey

  • Breanna Kealey

Character Biography

Brealope is a descendant of the famous Foggyfoot clan, who are best known for their magical ability to produce Triwizard Tournament Champions. In her younger years, Brealope's family feared her penchant for getting lost in the gardens while searching for the illusive Blubbering Humdingers and her unwavering belief that Nargyles were responsible for the mysterious disappearances of homework parchment, might bring about the end of the Foggyfoot's Triwizard legacy. However, she claims it was with the aid of the perplexing Heliopath that she cleared her way out of her third and final Challenge to gain the high honor of Triwizard Champion. Brealope is currently touring the globe on her mission to empower lesser known magical creatures and is also trying to break the current record of most Butterbeers sampled from across the world. Breanna Kealey is co-founder of Inspired Sugar, where she works with her best friend in sunny Arizona. She is a self-taught decorator and loves experimenting with new flavors and designs. Her award winning designs have been featured in several online and print publications and she loves making the world a little sweeter, one cup of sugar at a time.