Christrix Forfang - Christina Danner

  • Christina Danner

Character Biography

Christrix Forfang, Owner/Dough Puncher, Full Moon Cafe I have loved baking and working with food, for as long as I can remember. Continuously in the kitchen with my mother, learning as much as I could, seeking out interesting recipes to try. As a teen I would cook for the family 2-3 times per week, until one day I tried a new dessert recipe. Salted Caramel Delight... I was hooked and my family was as well. My parents sent me to culinary school and upon graduation I worked in as many positions in commercial kitchens as possible, until I felt comfortable opening my own Cafe. I planned to serve breakfast, lunch, and some amazing dessert. One night I was working quite late and I finally locked-up at about midnight. I noticed the moon was massive - full and especially beautiful, I had to gaze until a sound caught my ear. This distraction would change my life forever... there in the shadows something was stalking. I walked quickly in the opposite direction to my car until I heard a growling. Then I started to run with keys ready - but it was too late, I was under attack! I'm not sure what scared the creature away that night, but I survived with only a bite. It wasn't until later that I realized what I had become, what I would become every full moon. Thankfully the cafe has a basement, and I keep myself occupied every full moon. It is quite a nuisance but I can assure you there are no issues between episodes, and I am still able to perform the work I love, running the cafe. You should plan to come in for our lunch specials & moon pies, we make the best around!


My husband Steve is amazing, I could not be doing this without his continual support. We have 3 children who are also known to help at the bakery from time-to-time. I always enjoyed cooking & baking with my mother and grandmothers, and am working to pass that love to them. Our first dessert company "Occasional Cakes" was founded in 2002 - I had made my cousins baby shower cake & her guests began order inquiries. I was working as an Administrative Assistant at the time & apologized that I wasn't a Baker. One guest insisted that I go into business, so I made a couple cakes for her just for fun (not as a business start!) Her first order included a "Surprise Wedding Cake" & a Graveyard cake for a Halloween party (it would be a real wedding, guests unaware)... and I was hooked. After this event I was hooked & started taking orders. I've always had a creative bone and really enjoyed this outlet with food, desserts specifically. I made my first wedding cake in 2003 for my sister, and since that time I've worked to perfect my craft. Word-of-mouth referral is the only way I would advertise however my list of customers was growing at a steady pace. In 2007 our twins were born & we considered closing the business so I could focus on being home with them. When customers heard this, they asked if I would "just make their annual birthday cake"... so we decided to continue. We kept it part time until the kids started school in 2012, then I began to take more orders. I needed to rent commercial space at this point while we searched for our own space. Within months we again considered closing the business because we obviously needed our own space and were not finding anything available... until Spring of 2014 when our Realtor led us to Rohnert Park. Things worked out in our favor so we decided to open a storefront bakery and change the business name to Supreme Sweets. We found that the name "Occasional Cakes" had been confusing new customers to think we only made cake & specifically only wedding cake. We feel that "Supreme Sweets" is a good explanation of what we have to offer - Sweets of almost every type, and we work to make them the best! Since opening in July 2014, we have enjoyed working within the Rohnert Park community while continuing our involvement in Sonoma. We enjoy serving Sonoma County & Northern CA, and are excited for what is to come!