Dinky Doodledore, Professor - Dawn Butler

  • Dawn Butler

Character Biography

Professor Dinkydoodle or Dinkydoodledore as Headmistress often calls her, is a marvelous and unique witch. Often she claims she was born inside a butterbeer barrel for she is sopping sweet! She's an inventor of the mind and rarely flourishes her wand. She's also a World Quidditch cup holder!


Dawn Butler (or Dinkydoodle as she's better known) is founder of Dinkydoodle Designs. But it didn't start off as the successful product range you know. Now, although in just 5 years Dawn has made it into a household name amongst cake decorators Dawn's business started at home making cakes for her family and friends. Not content with teaching the world airbrush Dawn has now invented Cake Frame. A revolutionary and award winning product that offers a food grade internal support for cakes.