Study/Beast: Garden Gnome Name: If Garden Gnomes do indeed have names, you would never find ME conversating with those disgusting little creatures. Noteable Behaviors: Wreaking havoc in my garden, creating burrows/gnomeholes, digging up my herbs!  Feeding Notes: They particularly like to eat the roots of my garden veggitables and herbs. I grow a fairly large amount of mint for my very popular Moon cakes..and they have destroyed a large amount of my supply! I have seen them also digging up worms and eating them in large amounts. It is said they also love Every Flavour Beans.  Injuries sustained by caretaker:My subject did make a brave attempt to bite my fingers. However....No injuries were sustained by me... Has study been released if you took it captive if yes where? My subject was held captive for a brief amount of time for study purposes...he was easily caught with some magic and a box of every flavour beans .It was thentemporarily released to reuinite with his Gnome friends. Any other notes during your study: Gnome control is usually easily done by grabbing the Gnomes,  spinning them around and tossing them over the fence. But this is a temporary fix....  I find releasing several Jarveys easily does the trick...and its quite fun to watch.  I do say I have not seen a pesky little Gnome since the end of my study.