Hamilda Damblehopper - Hailey Harris

  • Hailey Harris

Character Biography

Born to muggle farmers in Boise, Idaho, Hamilda Damblehopper joins our collaboration with her piece, the Lethifold. A graduate of the distinguished Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hamilda is best known for her research on Armenian dolphins and for brokering the 1973 truce that ended the Amazonian Merpeople's campaign to turn their local dolphins pink.


Hailey Harris is the owner of Hailey's Sweet Temptations in Virginia Beach, VA. She is a professionally trained pastry chef with a passion for cake decorating. She made her first cake at the age of 13 and absolutely fell in love. Today, she spends her time making custom cakes and competing at cake shows.