Heathalus Foggyfoot Triwizard Tournament Wizard - Heather Sherman

  • Heather Sherman

Character Biography

Triwizard Tournament Wizard (see attached generator-assigned nameplate) Heathalus was raised in the high peaks of the Foggy Mountains, where her some of her best friends were the Creatures. She was always a natural witch, working subtle magics of Science and Art for years in mystical ways that she was not fully aware of. She pursued one Media of Magic after another, always striving for mastery of the many. When she became a mother of two little red-headed witches she discovered her true power of Sugar Transfiguration, and now renders Creatures in Cake. She was shocked when her years of cross-crafting paid off in the winning of the Triwizard Tournament, and will shortly begin teaching what she has learned. Her goal is to continue to Learn, Grow, and Create.


Art is my Thrill and Cakes are my medium. I've always been an eclectic, artistic mountain child, and involved in the kitchen, baking from a VERY early age. I remember being told as a little kid not to make sculptures out of my taco cheese. Through life I have experienced many mediums - paint, graphic design, engraving, photography, illustration, glass, kids and more, but then in 2008 I discovered CAKE. My earliest cakes got massive attention, and I continue to be dazed and delighted with the reactions my cakes get. I've been published in Cake Masters, Cake Central, Good Morning America Yahoo, and Cooking.com, made cakes for Crosby, Stills & Nash, Cirque du Soleil, and many more. This Thrill is what drives me to make ever more daring designs - to "make cake fly". It it the Oooohs and Ahhs that continue into Yuuuuummmms that make Cake Art so satisfying. Sculpted Cake is truly Performance Art; a multi-layered experience for all the senses.