Helena Grubblyplank - Hiromi Greer

  • Hiromi Greer

Character Biography

Helena Grubblyplank is an expert in Herbology. She is very creative and in her spare time likes to write descriptive short stories, though she has never published any. She is determined to make her own book about the many plants in the Wizard World.


Hi, I'm Hiromi from Haute Sweets. I'm a mom of a 14-year-old girl and a 11-year-old boy. I always liked to bake at home, but I started baking at home exclusively when my kids were small. As I got better at baking and decorating I started writing a blog mainly about baking and parenting. Eventually it became more like a cake/cookie decorating blog and I changed my blog name to Haute Sweets. My motto is "be original and creative". I love to create sweets inspired from the beautiful or interesting things I see, anything from art to nature.