Irinazar Waddlesnoff, Healer of Magical Maladies - Irina Salazar

  • Irina Salazar

Character Biography

Healer of Magical Maladies; I love my Job helping people and healing all of the magical maladies that go around, but my favorite cases are the self-inflicted ones, normally those are the hardest to deal with and I love a challenge. On my spare time I love to visit the leaking Calderon and have some butter beer while waiting for the boy who live, I know he'll be here someday.


I never dreamed of becoming a cake artist before 2012. It all started in the spring of that year when my sister in law told me that she had enrolled in a cake decorating class. It sounded like fun so I told her that I was going to enroll as well. As my birthday was approaching, she and my brother found the perfect gift for me: the tuition. I immediately fell in love with the art of cake decorating and haven't stopped learning new techniques ever since. I find inspiration in many places. Designer clothes, photography, drawings, everywhere I look I see cake. What I love most about it is the fact that you start with an idea and while learning different techniques your vision comes true before your eyes.