Totalliya Heartshorn - Jacqui Kelly

  • Jacqui Kelly

Character Biography

Totalliya Heartshorn currently ‘works’ as the assistant to the Head of Shenanigans at The Ministry of Magic. Born into a muggles family, Totalliya’s untrained talents soon had her in all sorts of trouble and she was the youngest witch ever to be admitted to Hogwarts - in an effort to stem her high jinx and the trail of mayhem which constantly seemed to follow her. Her love of tomfoolery and buffoonery earned her more detentions than any other student in Hogwarts records, however it also gained her the lifelong admiration of fellow students and Professor Dumbledore, who shares her love of mischief and unwittingly aided her antics by teaching her several pranking charms while under the influence of Butterbeer one summers evening She spends her time intervening when shenanigans, mischief & minor transgressions have occurred but spends much of her free time in the Development laboratories of Weasleys Wizard Wheezes being instrumental in developing Calamity Lotion one of the best sellers from the Wonderwitch line, She is currently developing a buttercream recipe that will…………………………..