Loveitta Moonery - Jamie Moon

  • Jamie Moon

Character Biography

Hi my name is Loveitta Moonery and I work for the Ministry of Magic in the Edible but Deadly Department. You know those grandmas losing sight and sending the wrong package to their grandson and POOF he's gone. Well what can I say I get to eat a lot and test things out make sure an owl doesn't die by delivery. Very important job. Of course Harry never got any birthday cake up until his eleventh birthday because they were all poisonous. You know that Hagrid gets carried away with the creatures. I think one year the cake had a dragon inside! Couldn't let that get to the muggle world. Would be a funny sight though.


My name is Jamie Moon with Love Blossoms Cakery. I have been doing cake art from home for 2 years. I took Wilton courses and immediately knew this was something I loved coming from an art background.