Janerva MacPherius - Janette MacPherson

  • Janette MacPherson

Character Biography

Janerva is a Scottish witch born to Muggle parents. She is a Care of Magical Creatures teacher and is known for her stern appearance but fair approach. Her abilities were unknown to her parents until her 11th year, when she was accepted into Hogwarts. Until then, Janerva had spent her youth playing in the woods near her home, on the shores of Loch Ness. It was here she discovered her unusual skills, although did not fully understand them. This led to several 'accidents' of magic, usually harmless such as a few banished trees and rodents. However there was a rather larger mishap one day when, to her utter amazement, she somehow summoned a huge water beast from thin air.... legend has it the beast still roams the dark waters today.....


Janette is a cake artist based in Scotland with a particular love for 3D cake sculpting and character modelling. With a creative background in graphic design, she began to make birthday cakes for her children and was soon creating commissions for clients all over the UK. Janette now features as a guest tutor with an online sugarcraft school, and is also enjoying teaching others through her own cake classes!