Jeanazar Dingus, Charm Master - Jean Schapowal

  • Jean Schapowal

Character Biography

Hello and welcome! My name is Jeanazar Dingus , Charm Master extradinaire at Hogwarts! Need a charm? I have them all and can teach you everything you need to know!! Need a memory charm for an upcoming test? Got it! A disguising Charm to listen in on friends? Done! A revealing charm to find out a true love? Bam! and I have so many more, Disgusing, shield, summoning, patronous, summoning....whatever you may need I am here to help!


My name is Jean A. Schapowal and I am from Hicksville (Long Island) New York. I have been doing cakes for 12+ years now. Started just playing around with things for family and friends and then quickly grew into something so much more! I am a graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in illustration. I also majored in cartooning which is pretty evident in some of my pieces! My dream job was to work at Marvel or DC Comics as a letterer but you can see how that didn't pan out. I have always dabbled in different mediums and after playing around with cakes I found it to be an amazing new medium to work with!! I became more serious trying new techniques, offering new designs to charities and practicing, practicing! I started competing in shows and taking the dare and competing in LIVE challenges! Even though caking can be frustrating at times I do love the endless possibilities it offers! I love bringing a smile to someone’s face when they see their vision brought to life in cake! Or the joy a child has when their cake is brought into the room! It is an ever changing medium and you need to stay on your toes but it is also an exciting and rewarding profession to be in! My artistic route took a little detour but I wouldn't have done it any different! Fave Harry Potter book is the Chamber of Secrets because it started everything off and left the door open for so many wonderful things to come! I love doing 3D /sculpted cakes. They are my favorite, just taking a chunk of cake and transforming it into a dog, truck or robot. And each one is always a learning experience in regards to sculpture and new techniques!