JeanMione Zegwater - Jeanette Bozic

  • Jeanette Bozic

Character Biography

Daughter from a prominent wizarding family in the Balkans. A master of the Dark Arts, at a young age JeanMione defeated a dark wizard that was terrorizing her village for decades. Evolving from this great defeat, JeanMione was recruited to teach at several schools. With her desire to surround herself with the best, she decided to reside at Hogwarts and teach the Defense of the Dark Arts.


Before Jeanette Bozic ever set foot in a professional kitchen, she was a fine arts major looking for an outlet to express her creativity. Somewhere along the way she stumbled upon cake decorating, and as an artist, cake became her new canvas. In August 2007 Jeanette graduated from the French Culinary Institute in New York City with a Grand Diploma in Pastry Arts. Her time there was nothing short of extraordinary and kick-started her dreams. In February of 2009 Jeanette was hired at the M Resort in Las Vegas as a pastry cook. With determination in absorbing as much knowledge as possible alongside hands on experience, Jeanette was hired at Bellagio Resort and Casino later that year. Commitment and hard work brought her goal to fruition; Jeanette became Assistant Pastry Chef. In this role she conducted training of bakers and helpers, maintained exceptional production knowledge of decoration and taste quality, while overseeing desserts for 13 outlets and custom cakes provided throughout the hotel. At the end of 2015 Jeanette made route back to New York, she stays true to her original inspiration and creativity by doing what she knows best, creating custom cakes and pastries for all to enjoy.