Juniper Jadefoot - Jessica Ting

  • Jessica Ting

Character Biography

Daughter of travelling circus dwarves, she grew up on a diet of raw vegetables and rolled oats. She grew to be the tallest in the travelling circus at 6 foot 7 inches, but without a talent to exploit. She was left to explore her burgeoning abilities to control nature, garnering knowledge from oracles and sages she met whilst travelling. Fleeing the circus and finding her way to Bhutan, she now conjures up potions to animate and control plant life to do her bidding. Rarely seen by humans and elusive, she remains hidden by her verdure slaves.


I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and began cake decorating in 2006. I was a pastry chef, working in Sydney and then decided to do a few night courses in cake decorating. And that was it. I was hooked. I got a job as a junior cake decorator in Sydney, and then started my learning path from there. In 2008, I ventured into my own business and called it Miss Shortcakes. In 2011, I moved back to Malaysia with Miss Shortcakes, and now my clientele include royalty, our nation’s dignitaries, celebrities and well-known public figures in Malaysian high society. My work has been featured on television, magazines, and blogs and all over social media. I love creating cakes for weddings and birthdays and working with sugar flowers and anything pretty. My favourite Harry Potter movie is the Chamber of Secrets and Moaning Myrtle is such a fantastic character! I love her and endearing personality, that can also be haunting at the same time.