Professor Jean Mimsey-Porpington, Master of the Natural Arts - Jo Orr

  • Jo Orr

Character Biography

Professor Jean Minsey-Porpington Master Potion Maker, 2nd cousin twice removed of Minerva McGonagall, sorted into Gryffindor House & worked for 3 years at the Ministry of Magic, before working for the Bertie Bots Every Flavour Bean Company where I was responsible for developing 3 flavours: Earwax, Pina Colada & Brussels sprout, during my time at Bertie Botts I was engaged to Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody, but he went to teach at Hogwarts & later murdered by Lord Voldemort, I now live alone with my pets & sell Love potions, and my Number 9 has proven quite popular.


Cakes are my passion love turning butter, flour & sugar into something special, nothing beats the reaction of the intended recipient. I love all mediums from fondant to modelling chocolate, gumpaste & wafer paper, trying new methods & trying to create something new & a little different. I have been a Chef for the past 20 years & also love creating new flavours and recipes The Harry Potter series is a huge favourite of mine with Hagrid being my favourite character & all the amazing wondrous animals he would take care of, that and he has such a pure spirit.