Kendra Kesswell - Karen Keaney

  • Karen Keaney

Character Biography

Kendra Kesswell is a graduate of Hogwarts and is now a potions mistress at the school, she is a very experienced potions teacher, although she does like to dabble in the dark side from time to time. She also has a love of gardening and her mandrakes have won many prizes in local fairs. She also likes to race broomsticks on weekend and is somewhat of a "speed demon". Her dream is to race full time.


I started on my cake decorating journey by making my children's cakes, little did I know where that journey would take me! 2 years in and I love it. My favorite cakes are carved and I love to airbrush! I do love the darker types of cakes. My favorite Harry Potter movie and book are the Philosophers Stone and my favorite part is Harry's first shopping trip with Hagrid to buy all his school stuff for his first term at Hogwarts, pure magic...