Kevazar Dingus - Charms Master - Kevin Martin

  • Kevin Martin

Character Biography

When Headmistress Michaeleas Cuuragusta pointed him in the direction of the Sorting Hat, little did Kevazar Dingus know that he was destined to be a Dark Master of Charms. New Zealand’s witching community, though small, is incredibly powerful and holds watch over some of the greatest spells and incantations known to all aspects of the dark chocolate arts. Seldom seen by Muggles, the New Zealand mystic society of crafters are often hidden away practicing and perfecting their alchemy. A veteran Warlock in a society of young Witches, Sharman and Gypsy folk, Kevaza is under no illusion that he needs to rely greatly on all things Charms and Charming. Like most magical “cake folk” he was required to master the skill of mysteriously producing celebration cakes and confections when time and space restrictions seemed completely impossible. You’ll often hear him refer to “pulling a cake out of his magic orifice” to meet the demanding needs both full bloods and ½’s .We apologise in advance if that congers an apparition too frightening to confront. But we feel that you’ve all been there? Kevazar’s Patronus is an unmistakable, luminous racoon! Inquisitive, messy and mischievous, “but always in the most charming way possible”. As we walk this path together, don’t interpret his silence for absence. As long as eggs mysteriously slip from your fingers and oven temperatures change without warning. When your roses start to resemble cabbages and your cakes seem to have developed an uncanny lean. Smile and keep an eye out for a florescent, masked rodent. And know that it’s just a very playful and tricky warlock having a bit of fun.” While still maintaining a very high standard of charm”


Quintessential “Number 8 wire kiwi bloke”, a qualified pastry chef, one of New Zealand's leading Cake designers, named International decorator of the Year in 2014 by Australian Cake Decorator’s Network and a “try anything once” kind of guy. Kevin has been caking for over 30 years after beginning his pastry life at the tender age of 15. He likes nothing more than taking cake out of its comfort zone. His favourite medium is chocolate, and when asked why he will tell you “I am all about instant gratification, which is why I do most of my structural work in Chocolate. I love standing at a bench and just getting it done.” Not surprisingly, he has developed his own brand of Modelling chocolate, “Chocit” which has taken the NZ decorating community by storm and is about to be launched in Australia.