Knarl Research Summary Upon arrival of my knarl, I promptly christened it Tilly. She was extremely adorable, looking exactly like a hedgehog and exhibiting all the attributes thereof. She was then given a spot in the gardens to live so it could be surveyed in a natural habitat. Tilly settled herself in between clumps of ornamental grasses. Being nocturnal, she would come out of hiding at twilight. She was eating mostly grassroots and insects. She produced many grunts and snuffles as she went about her business and endeared herself to me. Having becoming smitten, I offered her some blackberries as a treat. Tilly promptly puffed herself up, quills extended, teeth out and began to disrupt and destroy the garden, spending considerable energy on the petunias. While none of this anger and violence was directed at me, her caretaker, there was much labor required in righting the situation. Upon closer study of Newt Scamander’s textbook, it revealed that the knarl felt threatened, as if it were being trapped. The beast made it abundantly clear that she was not accepting this sort of help and was evermore left to her own efforts to provide sustenance. Tilly carried on as before. My research found no other anomalies in its behavior or its camouflage as a hedgehog. She is undetectable to my muggle neighbors as a mythical beast.