Elias Darkwater - Kyle Miller

  • Kyle Miller

Character Biography

Elias Darkwater Slytherin Elias was born a poor child to a bad wizard and a muggle mother, who passed away during childbirth. His father was abusive and always blamed little Elias for the death of his mother. When Elias was old enough he was excited to leave his abusive household to attend Hogwarts Academy. Upon arriving he was put in house Slytherin as his greed for power and deceptive ways were paramount to his placement. He immediately took a fancy to Bellatrix Black, and followed her ways and ideals with fervor. He embraced the dark arts and after his 5th year at Hogwarts, went home and drove his father mad using the Cruciciatus curse on him for days. He then told Bellatrix what he did, hoping to win her affection, to which she responded her heart and soul belonged to "he who must not be named," and she also adjourned him saying she would never be so lowly as to court a filthy half blood. Elias took this rejection very harshly and disappeared from Hogwarts in the hopes of becoming the greatest dark wizard possible to hopefully win Bellatrix's affection. He has since been roaming the world learning dark magics from wizards and beasts alike. Very few interactions have been made with him in the last few years and all have been counted as calamitous.


I am the master cake artist for The Cake Shop in a small town called Apple Valley, CA. I've been baking cakes for 7 years and have been decorating custom cakes for the past 5 years. I started out baking because my mom asked me to move back from Vegas and help her with her newly founded cake shop. I'm completely self-taught and love doing 3D animal and character cakes. And I love airbrushing, you can give something that looks flat and formless real dimension just by adding a little color here and there. My favorite Harry Potter moment is when Neville pulls the sword out of the sorting hat in DH. It shows that regardless of talent, given true heart and conviction, anyone can be a hero! Happy birthday J. K. ROWLING and thank you for touching so many of our hearts with your wonderful stories!