Misty Moonshine - Lara Mason

  • Lara Mason

Character Biography

Misty is the mischievous daughter of the great potioneer Rugulus Moonshine. She is of house Hufflepuff and is in Ginny Weasleys year at Hogwarts. Having a dad who always has potions lying about the house has its perks, and no matter what he is brewing, she will try and get her naughty mitts on it. Even if she did once get morphed into a toilet after Padma and Parvati Patil's parents visited and cooked up a spicy Indian feast.


Hi, I'm Lara from Tasty Cakes! I like making big and crazy cakes, like life size cakes of Johnny Depp and Jennifer Lawrence. I don't usually get a chance to do cakes with tiny details so i am really looking forward to the challenge with this project!