Jeanazar Daltocival - Laura Burton

  • Laura Burton

Character Biography

I was a natural talent when it came to a number of subjects at the Academy, including but not limited to, transfiguration, charms, apparition and dueling (the last being a more extra-curricular activity that the professors might not have known about) making my choice of careers varied once I left. Did I want to break curses, become a medi-witch, create spells and potions, or even work for the Ministry? Nope. I wanted to go back to the basics…wands. After securing a trainee position with the renowned Garrick Ollivander, I trained under him for a number of years before branching out on my own, and setting up my own shop down under. Now let me tell you, if you thought it was hard to obtain a troll hair, unicorn or even Thestral tail hair that is nothing compared to trying to get some Yowie hair to create a wand core. Yes, they make the wand a tad more temperamental, but they bond very easily to their owner (and don’t mind transferring owners too much). And eucalyptus makes for a lovely pliable yet strong wand wood. Every now and then I do get to set the wands aside and watch a game of Quidditch (go the Woollongong Warriors!!). Although, I’m still waiting for them to take the title back from those cheating Thundelarra Thunderers. But for now, back to work, those budding wizards and witches still need their wands.


Unlike a lot of cake decorators I know and admire, I didn’t stumble across decorating because of a desire to make a child’s or family member’s birthday cake. I stumbled across it while laid up in bed after injuring my back, stuck strolling the internet and watching dvd's that my partner would buy me and I fell in love with the work that I kept seeing. A few months later, for my birthday my partner paid for me to take a basic decorating course (and I thought, “How hard could it be?”). Well, as to be expected, it was so much harder than expected, my figures and cake were a hot mess, but I loved every second of it. Then I found out that my grandma made and sold all sorts of decorated cakes long before I was even thought of, and that made me want to pursue the art even more. 3 years later, many, many hours, days, weeks lost to decorating, and more money spent than I’d like to admit, I still love every second of it. I have been enthralled with the Harry Potter series since the first book came out, (racing to the bookshop to get each new book, then staying up all night to finish each one just so that I could re-read it again; being taken out of school early by my grandma just so she could take my brother and I to the first screening of The Philosopher’s Stone at the movies). Take that love, a newfound love for cake decorating and being able to combine the two, is something magical.