Lezzmilda Fanglesnoof - Lesley Wright

  • Lesley Wright

Character Biography

Lezzmilda Fanglesnoof is the oldest Quidditch Seeker in a century. At the age of 46, she captained England in the 2015 World Cup, scoring more than half of her team’s 107 goals. The match lasted 18 hours, and afterwards, Fanglesnoof declared she needed a cup of tea and a nice lie down.


Lesley Wright is English but has lived in California for five years. She has been be decorating cakes professionally for four years as The Royal Bakery. Lesley has a husband, a son, a dog and a cockatiel. Although she’d rather eat a bag of potato chips than a slice of cake, she is a big fan of chocolate ganache and is often to be seen eating leftovers with a spoon.