Elleforth Zegwater, Master of the Dark Art - Lyle T. Clemente

  • Lyle T. Clemente

Character Biography

A Dark Lord Defender of the Dark Arts. One who expresses anger and hatred through what my mind and wand ever desires to fiddle with... Any creature who touches my illusive master pieces turns into an ornament depicting their own life's hatred and fantacy... Except for one wizard who is always happy and and in love...I have to find out...this is crazy... My power knows no one...And no one can break my power, my spell!!!


My Name is Lyle Clemente, originating from Philippines. I have moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE for over 18 years and is here til present date. Currently owning a baking supplies shop named Cake My Day Baking Supplies Abu Dhabi. Partnered with Dyana Miranda, from Indonesia. It was the love for cakes and finding the flavors I grew up with that brought me/us into making cakes. I studied Fine Arts back in the days and the love for food and arts has taken me leaps and bounds into expressing myself by using cakes as my medium and canvass. As an initial move, I attended Maisie Parrish for learning faces and characters. She was my first inspiration. A genuine character. Pursued sugar and eventually became the only Certified Wilton Instructor here in Abu Dhabi til present date. Been making customized cakes for locals and residents here in UAE since 2011 and have exported cakes and edible toppers as well to 5 different countries so far...luckily they were hand carried and have made it to wedding receptions and birthday parties unharmed. Over the years we have developed and improved our skills in making cakes and sugar toppers and had the need to sharing our knowledge. That was when it was decided upon to start teaching locally. We taught baking, cake decorating, making toppers and what all else the market demands. Since 2013, we have engaged into hosting international cake artists and all of them had been a great success. Kelvin Chua of Vinismn Art 2013, Queen Of Hearts Couture Cakes (twice) 2014 & 2015, Mayen Orido of Way Beyond Cakes 2015 and a lot more coming in the future. First time in a collab and very very excited. Our motto... We simply live and breathe cakes :)