Lucinda Crestworth, Order of the Phoenix - Mayen Orido

  • Mayen Orido

Character Biography

Lucinda Crestworth is a secret member of the Order of the Phoenix, she was recruited by Sirius Black. Lucinda is known to be fiercely loyal to the people she loves and to the ideals that she protects. She fought alongside other members of the Order to battle Voldemort during the attack on Hogwarts. She guarded Harry as ordered by Albus Dumbledore himself. Upon ultimate victory from the Dark Lord , Lucinda has thoroughly enjoyed her regular wizarding life. She has always said that her nerdy side gets the best of her , so she gets very involved with training the new wizards coming into Hogwarts and is thinking of becoming a full time professor in the next year .


Mayen Orido is the founder and owner of Way Beyond Cakes LLC. Mayen Orido is an international cake artist from Arizona, USA. She was born in the Philippines and migrated to the USA in 2004. She has a degree in Biology and has been in the medical field for a decade before she started baking cakes. The love for cakes started when she wanted to make cakes for her kids, Jared, now 8, and Aika, now 4 years old. She is self-taught and has developed her own methods and tricks and has since traveled the world teaching cake decorating . She is one of the selected guest tutors for Cake Camp UK, The Cake and Craft Show Auckland and Cake Fest LA. She has also filmed for Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School and Pretty Witty Cakes, and was also the International Guest artist for Cake International Manchester and also for The Cake and Craft Show in Auckland, New Zealand. She is also known for her work in collaborations such as Starry Night, Cakenweenie, Michael Jackson, Around the world in 40 cakes, Tier-riffic cakes, Christmas in Frostington, 12 Days of Christmas, Harry Potter Mischief Managed.. Mayen is also one of the founders of the Global Filipino Sugar Artists Network , wherein they raise funds to help the underprivileged in her home country, the Philippines. She is also a member of The Food Artist Group, which is a select group of Internationally acclaimed Food Artists who work in a wide range of edible mediums. Fruits, Vegetables, Sugar, Chocolate, Bread, Ice, Candy, Pasta, and Pumpkins! Her work has been published in magazines like Cake Masters, Cake Central, Cake Geek, and Sweet magazine. Her work resonates too many because they are eye catching, unique and easy to tweak into their very own designs. She hopes to be able to reach more places and get to meet more cake lovers all over the world!