Michenius Yallowsworth - Michele Guerra

  • Michele Guerra

Character Biography

Those who seek to know their future, must travel through the Forbidden Forest and make it to the dark and swampy, farthest edge, where they will find the home of Michenius Yallowsworth. Her house is carved into a hollowed out old Oak tree beautifully shaded with draping Spanish moss on its long dangling branches. She is a solitary witch, who loves the quiet edge of the forest, brings her. She is a great and gentle friend to magical creatures. Thestral are all very taken by Michenius’s ability to see past their eerie, dragon-like, hollow, and expressive less faces. This very insightful witch is not one to be easily fooled, so take great care not to try to hide your secrets, for she can see right through you.


Michele Guerra first developed her love for all things sweet growing up in a European kitchen. Her passion for healthy baking and cake design pushed her to pursue classes and an internship with an Austrian pastry chef. With art being her strong suit and a diligent practice in cake design, chocolate modeling, blown sugar sculpture, artful cookies, playful biscotti, and candies, Michele established her own company “Express Sugar Designs.” It is your one stop shop for any event where you want to leave a lasting impression. If you can think it, she can make it. Today you can also find Michele at Michael’s Craft Store in Vacaville, California as a Wilton’s instructor and at the La Fleur Bakery teaching culinary classes and advanced cake artistry. She has also be seen on the Food Network’s productions of Sugar Dome, “Alien Invasion” in 2013 and Cake Wars: “Christmas” in 2015. Michele has been a member of CCCSAS for many years and has had the opportunity to donate birthday cakes to many foster care children who are in-group homes for 4 years. She is also an active member in Icing Smiles participating in cookies and cakes for kids.