Headmistress Michaeleas Cuuragusta - Michelle "ChefMitchie" Curran

  • Michelle "ChefMitchie" Curran

Character Biography

Headmistress of the Birthday Mischief Magical Community Michaeleas Cuuragusta. Born in the early seventies to non-magic folk, Michaeleas is namesake after her father, an engineer with a curious appetite for all things savory and fine chocolates. Her mother, a hard-working woman, would never openly admit her fright of Michaeleas’ magical abilities growing up. She instead refused letters of acceptance for Michaeleas to attend the most prestigious magical academy. Michaeleas found ways to study magic, but not without a few burnt cauldrons here and there. Being a self-taught Witch is not uncommon, but succeeding her technical wizarding levels led her to become one of the greatest Alchemists our time has ever seen! Michaeleas Cuuragusta is also well-known for her creative endeavors in Herbology; which is difficult when one lacks a green thumb! By her early twenties, Michaeleas took position as Professor of Herbology at the Birthday Mischief Academy. And to date her residence is Headmistress, where she oversees the Academy and its Province. 


Michelle Curran aka “Chef Mitchie”, is a Private Cake and Sugar artist in Las Vegas, NV. Named “Femme Fatale of Fondant”, by NV Pageant Magazine and Dessert Professional Magazine's Top Ten Cake Artist in North America for 2016. Her career in cake artistry has led her to compete locally, nationally and on Food Network. Chef Mitchie has traveled the country to perform product demos, teach cake decorating, and judge cake competitions. Her truest passion is creating custom cake and sugar art for her clients, which keeps her nestled inside her Las Vegas studio. Mitchie is a Co-Conspirator for Depressed Cake Shop and a Sugar Angel for Icing Smiles, Inc. Throughout the year she works with other local non-profits, foundations, and churches by donating her treats and her time teaching children in the facilities some fun edible projects. Overall – Mitchie is one of the happiest cake chicks you’ll ever meet. With over 25 years’ experience from a hobby gone bananas into launching a successful business. Loves to learn, share, and make “artistic treats you can eat”. Mitchie is the founder of BirthdayMischief.com She wears many hats for our group from working closely with our Backstage Partners, to role playing, creating content/graphics,narrating, digital media management, PR, mischief making, and giver of hugs! You can reach Mitchie by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visiting www.mitchiesmunchies.com