Mikeus Yallowsworth, Dragonlogist - Mike Guerrero

  • Mike Guerrero

Character Biography

Mikeus Waddlesnoff, muggle artefacts collector, apothecary, and father of nine from Cokeworth spends his days planning his next big shenanigan. Best known for his release of 3,000 doxies at the 1894 Quidditch World Cup, Waddlesnoff is also rumored to have been involved in the Great Nargle Hoax of 1913. In recent years, Mikeus has been seen in occasional conference with George Weasley, leading many to suspect an even bigger scheme is on the wizarding world's horizon.


Backstage Partner, Web Developer Miguel "Mike" Guerrero is an alumni of BirthdayMischief.com Not only has he participated in creating edible fanArt, he is our website developer. An amazing wizard indeed!