Madamme Darr, Ministry of Magic Runes & Symbols - Teresa Darr

  • Teresa Darr

Character Biography

Born to a Ministry engineer and a librarian, Madamme Darr grew up in the bustling wizarding town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, known for its famous Quidditch team, the Steel City Quidditch Club. Very close to her family, they had all sorts of amazing adventures together. Always a little different from other witches her age, Madamme Darr preferred visiting museums and libraries to joining her peers in a round of Quidditch or gobstones. Even as a wee one, she loved all things artistic and honed her talents to better fulfill her dream of joining the Ministry of Magic’s Runes & Symbols Department. Madamme Darr met Headmistress Michaeleas Cuuragusta in 2014 in the city of Las Vegas, when the Headmistress created the most magical and delectable purple and teal wedding cake of Madamme Darr’s dreams. The edible art was the talk of the wizarding celebration, but eventually Madamme Darr and her new husband had to apparate back to their residence in Florida. In her spare time, Madamme Darr enjoys long flights on her Comet Two Sixty, playing with her cats, muggle video games, crafts, and spending laughter-filled days with her husband.


Backstage Partner, Graphic Design

Teresa joined our collaboration in 2015 and took on the challenge of creating the gorgeous teaser and reveal banners for Birthday Mischief Managed. This indeed was at times a fun request based on the imaginative ideas Mitchie Curran. Teresa also contributed to the polishing of our final logos; after Mitchie conjured the thought of a standard sized pewter cauldron. The original logo is blazed across our book, where Teresa has made the steam appear to be talons and feathers of rare beasts.