Violet Branwen Trimble - Vicky Turner

  • Vicky Turner

Character Biography

Violet Trimble is an internationally renowned witch specialising in dueling. After attending Gilderoy Lockhart's dueling club during her 3rd year at Hogwarts, she spent her remaining school years battling to become school champion. After leaving Hogwarts, she spent the next 10 years entering dueling competitions around the world, with a particular preference for Dueling International in Birmingham. Violet recently retired from dueling due to Witch's Elbow. And now spends her time in her cottage baking up a storm in a teacup (literally).


Hi all! I'm Vix from the Yellow Bee Cake Company. I've been decorating cakes for just over 4 years now, recently having won first place for my Harry Potter themed cake at the Cake and Bake show in London. My background is in art and design, with a BA (hons) in Video Game Design from the Solent University. Due to having no studios locally, I ended up turning my creative genius/madness towards cake decorating and I haven't looked back. I love to specialize in cupcake art, but I'm equally as happy designing and creating larger cakes... just don't ask me to cover a cake he he. I absolutely love the Harry Potter universe (I'm currently reading the books again) and I'm over the moon to have been invited to this collaboration. I can't wait to get started!