Vincedamort Varrowe - Vincent Kajderowicz

  • Vincent Kajderowicz

Character Biography

An American wizard from the great city of New Orleans. My father was a noble and long established wizard dating back to France. My mother was a more common maker of potions and healing powders. My father did not want to have anything to do with me so I grew up working with my mother doing various chores and learning from her. When she died, I being somewhat eccentric and a loner traveled the world until i brought too much attention to myself and was brought to Hogwarts.


Backstage Partner, Administrative Assistant 

Vincent joins our second term as our newest Potions Master. He has helped a great deal with assisting our members and Headmistress.

I am a home hobbyist that is attracted to isomalt. But being isomalt is too dangerous for me to work with i found gelatin. I have made many roses and butterflies. I am a founding member and administrator for The Sugar Skull Bakers. This year I participated with Sugar Artists 4 Autism and Acts of Green - Earth Day collaborations. I have entered a few competitions with my gelatin art which is always as an artistic scene. I am honored to have taken part in this collaboration. Thank you Mitchie!